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FliteADS is a collection of tools for the Swiss Air Force ADS-95 ranger (unmanned aerial vehicle).


FliteADS 1.


The 'Art Adj' page lets you calculate a distance from given more/less and left/right values from the artillery adjustment screen.


FliteADS 2.


The 'Launch' page compiles the launch parameters to the required launch pressure.


FliteADS 3.


The 'TSD' is a simple time/speed/distance calculator supporting the units that are in use with the ranger.




2005 Feb 15 1.3 Application renamed and reworked.
2004 Sep 28 1.2 Density screen removed as altitude restriction is not valid any more; replaced by artillery adjustment calculation.
2004 Feb 04 1.1 IDE migration, high-density bitmaps added.
2002 Jun 25 1.0 Initial.


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