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FliteARJ is a loadsheet application for the Avro 85 / 100 Regional Jet. It helps to improve the economic result of any flight by giving a quick and great hand concerning through tankage and ballast requirements considerations.
The program is embedded into the FliteLX environment.


FliteARJ 1.


Here you insert the passenger figures and the cargo loading.


FliteARJ 2.


The aircraft tail number as well as the pantry code can be selected from a list.


FliteARJ 3.


Besides the textual envelope check, the graphical representation assists you in interpreting the result.
FliteARJ indicates the resulting pitch trim values as well as the actual underload.
The light blue lines are the trend vectors showing the variation of the T/O point with different cargo and fuel values.


FliteARJ 4.


This page precisely describes the result of the current loading configuration and gives hints on how to resolve an out-of-envelope situation.


FliteARJ 5.


The rough estimate form is used during the preflight planning phase to check the underload regarding the MZFM, the RTOM/MTOM and the MLM.




Note that, for liability reasons, FliteARJ is not intended to be used for operational purposes. It backs up manually computed loadsheets and assists related decision-making, but must not be used as the sole mean for mass and balance calculations.




2005 Feb 15 1.4 Application renamed and reworked.
2004 Sep 19 1.3 MTOM of RJ1H reduced to 46t.
2004 Feb 05 1.2 IDE migration, high-density bitmaps added. 'Min Fuel' on rough estimate form now depends on fuel burn. Estimated T/O and LDG mass guesses on rough estimate form for performance considerations introduced.
2003 Jan 01 1.1 Beta test consolidation.
2002 Oct 01 1.0 Initial.


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