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The FliteLX application for Swiss International Air Line pilots combines an electronic representation of the crew plan paired with a flight log and FCM Flight Time and Duty Record.




The FliteLX FTDR application is rather a large project not only consisting of the application running on the Palm device itself, but as well of an Excel sheet interacting with the Palm databases. In order to being well informed about all subparts, it is highly recommended to have a look at the manual.




FliteLX is the top layer application of the project.
As an autonomous application it provides a direct access to the ancillary yet autonomous applications:

FliteERJ/FliteS20/FliteARJ, FlitePilot and InFlite.

It is recommended to install the FlitePilot application with the schedule database because this eases the manual entry of flight duties significantly if FliteLX can access this data.


FliteLX 1.


Electronic download of your crew plan into the FliteLX application. FliteLX may generate events in the built-in Palm organizer datebook application. There is a possibility to integrate an airport reference database providing information about handling agent, fuel supplier, weather minima a.s.o.


FliteLX 2.


Easy off chocks and on chocks times entry into the flight log. The flight log keeps track of aircraft identifiers and crew codes. You can attach a note to each flight.


FliteLX 3.


Based on the data retrieved from the previous two pages, FliteLX generates an FCM Flight Time and Duty Record entry. At the end of the month you can synchronize with the Swiss International Air Lines FTDR form, or, in the future, download this data onto a Swiss International Air Lines server.


Operational Hint


Perform daily a HotSync and backup the Palm data directory regularly or maintain a paper based FTDR data backup in order to reduce the risk of data loss. Electronic devices and computer software but as well their users are inherently not fail safe thus redundancy is required.
The FliteLX software has been well tested and has proven its stability but even a successful testing can never guarantee the absence of software bugs.




2005 Feb 15 1.6 Application renamed and reworked.
2004 Aug 03 1.5 IDE migration, high-density bitmaps added. RHC (right-hand seated captains) support added.
2002 Nov 18 1.4 Manual entry of legs: Entry of 'LX' not necessary any more. 'Sync' only copies flight numbers but not 'LX' prefix. 'Back' button on 'Airports' form. 'LAYOVER', 'OFC' and 'FEROP' days handling. Arrows to change date introduced on main forms. Screen update speed improved.
2002 Jun 03 1.3 Tap on label logic implemented. New Swiss International Air Lines logo. Leg details separated in own form. New leg details validity. Flight log implemented. 'SIM' leg introduced. Minor improvements and bug fixes.
2002 Mar 18 1.2 Airports database added. FTDR page in LT. 'Sync' algorithm improved. Excel sheets combined, Crew Wish sheet added, 'Save' bug resolved. 'INSTR' denoter implemented. Support of 4LCs. Single button chocks times entry now assures that the current date is set. Time select form improved for partially set time spans. Leg autofill only if leg has been created via tap, not via menu; and only for a leg returning to one of the crew bases.
2002 Jan 31 1.1 Beta test consolidation.
2000 Apr 07 1.0 Initial.




'Sync' algorithm is not covering the full FTDRs.

Generation of datebook events: Time span from C/I until C/O instead of the currently implemented begin of first leg until end of last leg.

Generation of datebook events: Update datebook events as well in case of manual entries or changes. Only works with the electronic crew plan download.

Electronic crew plan download: Support duty plans with multiple pages. Currently, only the first page can be downloaded.

Support of the global find function.


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