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Version: 1.9a
File size: 63kB
Price: Free
Version: 8/05 (Sen), 4/02 (Tf)
File size: 34kB
(issued upon order)
Version: 7/02 (OM)
File size: 68kB
Version: 3/05 (Sched)
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FlitePilot is an application for Swiss International Air Line pilots featuring the seniority list combined with the electronic phone book, an OM-A/CSPM/PIH index, and the Swiss International Air Lines timetable.



You need to install the program file ('FlitePilot.prc') and at least one of the following three database files:

- The seniority and phone number list ('Pilots.pdb')
- The OM reference database ('OM.pdb')
- The Swiss International Air Lines timetable ('Schedule.pdb')

While the latter two can be downloaded by clicking on the respective button at the top of this page, it is not possible to distribute the seniority list via internet for data protection reasons. Simply enter your name and Swiss International Air Lines e-mail address in the fields below if you are interested, and you will receive the most recent database file. Please understand that I will send the file to Swiss International Air Lines e-mail accounts exclusively.


(only ...@swiss.com e-mail accounts will be accepted)


FlitePilot 1.


FlitePilot is a database viewer for the Swiss International Air Lines pilots seniority list, ...


FlitePilot 2.


...the official OM-A/CSPM/PIH index and...


FlitePilot 3.


...and the Swiss International Air Lines timetable.


FlitePilot 4.


It is possible to filter the seniority list display. As long as the third button from the right at the bottom displays two vertical lines, the current list is unfiltered, while a filter symbol denotes an active filter, as the example to the left illustrates.


FlitePilot 5.


Similar to the seniority list filter mentioned above, the schedule view may as well be filtered.


FlitePilot 6.


All three databases provide a search feature.


Origin of the Databases


The Pilots database is a combination of the seniority list and the electronic phone book, both available in the public folders of the Swiss International Air Lines intranet. Because of the release date of the phone list, some numbers may be outdated or missing.

The OM index database covers the Swiss International Air Lines OM-A and CSPM as well as the PIH, by courtesy of Marc Albrecht.

The Schedule database is a compilation of the Swiss International Air Lines timetable, as well available in the public folders.




2005 Feb 15 1.9 Application renamed and reworked.
2004 Jul 15 1.8 RHC pilots support.
2004 Feb 04 1.7 IDE migration, high-density bitmaps added.
2002 Nov 18 1.6 ATC callsign and codeshare flight numbers included in schedule.
2002 Jul 26 1.5 Where available, date of first PIC check included in seniority list.
2002 Jun 02 1.4 Schedule filter implemented. OM database now covers OM-A, CSPM and PIH.
2002 Mar 26 1.3 Seniority list filter implemented and grayscale support added.
2002 Jan 22 1.2 Swiss International Air Lines timetable added.
2001 Dec 24 1.1 OM-A reference database added. Lookup function improved.
2001 Nov 12 1.0 Initial.




Route planner feature for the timetable.

Support of the global find function.


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