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InFlite is a collection of auxiliary tools used in the daily aviation life.


InFlite 1.


A converter tool gives you the possibility to convert basic units used in aviation.


InFlite 2.


The calculator lets you add times for your flight log.


InFlite 3.


The MOTNE/Snowtam and de-ice holdover times decoders assist you during preflight planning...


InFlite 4.


InFlite 5.


InFlite 6.


...while the Volmet frequencies database is an inflight help.




2005 Feb 15 1.4 Application renamed and reworked. Overflow bug in calculator fixed.
2004 Feb 04 1.3 IDE migration, high-density bitmaps added.
2002 Mar 26 1.2 New logic after tap on a field implemented. Grayscale support added.
2002 Jan 24 1.1 Volmet frequencies added.
2001 Nov 12 1.0 Initial.


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