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OC Meeting, 2001 Nov 07.

Flight Operations News, 10/2001.

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The following books have been read in the course of the ongoing Flite project. As all Flite applications are developed using C/C++, the following list of books only covers this programming language.
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Library 01.  


L.R. Foster, Palm OS Programming Bible. IDG Books, 2000.
A comprehensive reference book of the Palm application programming interface.


Library 02.  


K. Jamsa, Palm OS Developer's Guide. McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2002.
Main focus on Palm query applications and Web clippings but covers as well some basic Palm C/C++ concepts.


Library 03.  


K. Jamsa, Instant Palm OS Applications. McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2001.
Loosely linked chapters on specific concepts like databases, InfraRed, graphics and Web clippings.


Library 04.  


R. Mykland, Palm OS Programming, From the Ground up. McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2000.
Good introduction to the basic Palm OS concepts for practicians.


Library 05.  


N. Rhodes, J. McKeehan, Palm OS Programming, The Developer's Guide, Creating Programs & Conduits for the Palm Computing Platform, 2nd Edition. O'Reilly, 2002.
Standard Palm programming compendium covering not only most Palm OS concepts but deals as well with general guidelines and recensions of the built-in applications of Palm handhelds.


Library 06.  


G. Winton, Palm OS Network Programming, Writing Connected Applications for the Palm OS. O'Reilly, 2001.
Closes the link between Palm PDAs and the Internet or remote servers via TCP/IP protocols.


Library 07.  


E. Giguère, Palm Database Programming, The Complete Developer's Guide. Wiley, 1999.
In-depth explanation of Palm databases mechanisms and data synchronization with desktop databases.


Library 08.  


S. Mann, R. Rischpater, Advanced Palm Programming, An Expert's Guide to Creating Killer Applications. Wiley, 2001.
Miscellaneous hints to implement gadgets to improve Palm OS applications.


Library 09.  


G. Bachmann, Palm Programming, The Authoritative Solution. SAMS, 1999.
An easy-to-read introduction to Palm OS programming.


Library 10.  


N. Pleis, Palm OS Game Programming. Premier Press, 2002.
A thorough discussion of a reusable, object-oriented game engine.


Library 11.  


T. Engelen, E. Firla, R. Franzen, J. Schulze, D. Vornefeld, Das Palm-Buch, Programmierung und Handhabung. Galileo Computing, 2002.
The development of a first Palm OS application with a brief introduction to the main basic concepts.


Library 12.  


B. Kainka, L. Gollub, Messen, Steuern und Regeln mit Palm OS, Schnittstellenpraxis und Hardware-Erweiterungen für Palm-kompatible PDAs. Franzis', 2002.
How to interact with the environment for practicians.


Library 13.  


D. Nöldner, Palm-OS-Programmierung mit GCC. dpunkt, 2003.
An introduction covering all main aspects of Palm programming.


Library 14.  


L.R. Foster, G. Bachmann, Professional Palm OS Programming. Wrox, 2005.
An well structured textbook covering as well OS 5.0.


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