On this page you can order registration keys for Flite applications.


How to Proceed


First download the application file by clicking on the icon on the respective program description page. This will download the Palm application file that has to be installed onto your handheld device.
Then order a registration key by filling out the following order form:


Order Form


HotSync ID :
Product: FliteLX.
CHF 90.-
CHF 50.-
CHF 50.-
CHF 50.-

You will get a temporary registration key in return, enabling you to use and evaluate the program without restrictions for two weeks. After having received your payment, a permanent registration key will be issued. Allow a couple of days to process your order.
Bank account details can be found on the Contact page.
With the purchase of a registration key you register a major version (1.x, 2.x, ...) of the application. Minor updates (1.1, 1.2, ...) can be registered with the same key.


System Requirements


All Flite programs run on Palm OS version 3.2 or higher. No special hardware requirements have to be fulfilled; the applications run on monochrome, greyscale or colour devices both with low and high resolution.
The Excel sheet for the FliteLX application runs on Excel 97 or later, only supporting the Windows versions.


Legal Terms


This software is provided to the user 'as is'. No warranties are made, either express or implied, with respect to this software. This software is owned by Christoph Regli. A non-exclusive license is granted to use this software solely for its internal business purposes. The user may not commercially distribute, sublicense, resell, or otherwise transfer for any consideration, or reproduce for any such purposes, the software or any modification or derivation thereof, either alone or in conjunction with any other product or program. Further, the user may not modify the software, other than for its own internal business use.


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