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Flite programs are handy tools used in the field of aviation, including expenses tracking and mass&balance calculations for airline pilots. Currently widely used in a major Swiss airline, modifications to meet other airlines' needs are planned. The programs are developed by a software engineer and former airline transport pilot.




Flite is a slim, straight forward designed working environment for Palm handheld computing devices, aiming at easing the pilots' daily life. Written for Swiss International Air Lines pilots, Flite assists the organization of the crew plan, the flight log and the flight time and duty record FTDR.
Besides that, Flite gives a hand during the preflight planning phase as well as performance and mass and balance calculations.


Raison d'Être


The need for an application like Flite has arisen during the monthly completion of the FTDR forms. In the course of the implementation of the general working agreement, the new flight duty and expenses form FTDR has been created, disregarding the guideline of simplicity whilst tremendously increasing the amount of time required to fill it out.

The electronically issued crew plan can be downloaded into the FliteLX application. The pilot thereafter simply enters the off- and on chocks times, and the major part of the FTDR will be completed automatically.


Future Options


Once established in a part of the pilots corps, Flite can easily be integrated into the Swiss International Air Lines environment. Since the FTDR data will be electronically available, it could substantially reduce the base managers' workload of copying the monthly sheets into their system.

Beyond that, collecting all the data eases the generation of statistics on flight time figures a.s.o. .
Even an automated electronic check-in and check-out as well as a duty changes, crew wish and vacation request system are options for the future. There is as well an opportunity to include the FTRs of the cabin crew.
Should the FTDR form once become obsolete, Flite can be used to cross-check the automatically logged data, and to manage licence expiry dates and ground refresher reminders.
As all conducted flights are logged, FliteLX even features the export of a personal flight log, provided that the respective authorities accept an electronic log.




Flite - The term 'Flite' is used as a project name. The Flite project embraces various applications for the Palm OS based personal digital assistants, mainly focused on aviation software.

Palm PDA - A Palm Personal Digital Assistant is a palm sized portable handheld computer running Palm OS.

HotSync - is the process of synchronizing data between the organizer and the desktop computer. It is of bi-directional nature, i.e. data entered on the Palm device since the last HotSync process is updated on the desktop computer, while the Palm handheld gets the latest data from the desktop PC.


Legal Terms


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Who am I?


The Flite project is conducted by a M. Sc. in software engineering with five years experience as an airline transport pilot (MD-11F, Embraer 145, Saab 340B).



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